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3 Ways Anita Can Help You Optimize Your Look, Your Confidence, Your Communication, and Your Life

“In the world we live in today, no one wants to be sold. We wish to purchase, or we want a relationship. Anita is a real relationship builder! She cares about the person (not just the product) and believes in the value of a lifetime friend & customer. There is no higher title that I can imagine than the title of “friend” and Anita is a true friend!”


Did you know …

That very few men wear more than 20% of the clothes in their closet? If this is you, you can benefit from a Closet Reboot.

In my free video training, I will teach you how to efficiently and quickly go through your closet and determine how to optimize your wardrobe to match your professional lifestyle in 8 easy steps.

“Anita Green has been my clothing consultant for over 10 years. Being well-dressed is an important factor in my success as a commercial real estate broker. Not only does appearance positively impact my self-confidence, it is an outward expression of my professionalism and builds trust with my clients. There is simply nothing I can’t handle when I’m feeling my best, and my clothes are part of that equation.”


About Anita

Anita is a success and relationship coach, speaker, author, and a personal stylist and image consultant for men. Anita, also, coaches women on the art and science of “speaking to men the way they listen.”

For forty years, Anita has successfully helped men become their personal best by creating their most powerful look, optimizing their self-confidence, and multiplying their success. Through her comprehensive on-line course, www.optimizededge.net, and her one on one VIP coaching program, her clients reach a level of success, respect, and relevance they never thought possible.

Working so closely with men, along with years of research, inspired Anita to create a customized one on one coaching program that helps “women speak the way men listen.” What a huge positive difference this makes in women’s personal and professional relationships with men. Once women are enlightened with this awareness and language skill-set, their relationships with men in the workplace and in their personal lives will soar to new heights. These women will become more successful, more confident, and happier when they get exactly what they want, in a way that empowers the men, as well. Everyone wins!

I met Ms. Anita as a gift from some great friends for Christmas. As I walked through the doors of [her studio] J. Hilburn - there was an embrace and a spirit that moved over us both. Her colleagues and their clients truly stopped and stared in excitement as they witnessed a greeting as if we had known each other our whole lives vs. this being our first meeting.

Now Ms. Anita did her thing as a Stylist also! I have no lack of confidence and truly feel good about myself - but she outfitted me in a way I could never imagine. It changed my life! The relationship experience has changed my life. I have someone who doesn’t see race, imperfections, shortcomings or failures.

I was truly gifted - A FRIEND and SOULMATE - ! Oh, and next level attire!


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